Abel Pereira

french horn / conductor


"...a beautiful sound from the continent invaded 

the Madeira Auditorium with the brilliant execution 

of the Mozart 4rd Horn Concerto..."

By Rui Moreira, Diário da Madeira, Portugal

"...played the R. Strauss 1st Horn Concerto

with precision, accuracy and beautiful phrasing..."

By Ella Clohe, Het Belang von Limburg

   "The North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied 

the great soloist in the Mozart Horn Concerto...

velvet sound and fully stylish..."

By Katerina Bolsak, AvanGard Magazine, Prague, Czech Republic

"...the soloist played with the lyricism and maturity 

necessary to address the romantic concerto..."

By James Rost, Johannesburg Arts and Heritage, South Africa

A shout-out goes to the flutes, and to the horns 

that plunged lustily into the hunting-like calls in the scherzo.

By Anne Midget, The Washington Post, USA

"Where most of the transcendent magic occurred in this performance 

was in the first movement...All contributions, down to the many solo moments, 

were outstanding, with particularly ebullient and solid playing from the horns, 

who placed their bells in the air at the appointed times with almost military precision."

By Charles T. Downey, IONARTS, USA

"...Mention must be made of the exquisite and 

always accurate solos produced by principal horn Abel Pereira..."

By David Sckolnik, The Gazette, USA

"...The third movement saw another one of those 
get-under-your-skin moments when the horns, 
playing a theme purportedly related to the name of a student with whom 
Shostakovich was infatuated when he wrote the piece, 
created a sound so intense that I could almost feel it like a liquid filling up the inside of my head..."
By Anne Midget, The Washington Post, USA

"...the work is formidable and taxing on the musician, 

in this case most so on the horn, trumpet and harp. 

But Principal Horn Abel Pereira, Principal Trumpet William Gerlach, and Principal Harp Adriana Horne 

rise to the challenge spectacularly, as does the entire orchestra..."

By Emily Cao, DC Metro Theater Art, USA

"...Pereira played with spirit and elegance, he was the brilliant, 

agile and exquisitely musical hornist..."

By Susan Miron, Boston Musical Intelligencer, USA

"...Pereira was in top form in this rarely heard piece, 

with a consistently elegiac tone, unwavering breath support 

and power when needed."

By Charles T. Downey, The Washington Post, USA

"...Abel joined the ethereal string introduction midway, 

resulting in some of the most gorgeous orchestral playing of the evening. 

By Seth Arenstein, IONARTS, USA

A million kudos to Abel Pereira, the NSO’s principal horn, 

in the Mozart, he had a legato to kill for and 

virtuosic agility in octave leaps and no-fail trills, 

while sailing up and down the registers with seeming ease.

By Cecelia Porter, Washington Post, USA

Eschenbach has hired new players, 

some of whom made beautiful sounds through the evening, 

such as principal horn player Abel Pereira. 

By Anne Midget, Washington Post, USA